Looking to hire a Kinesiologist?   Place an available career ad on the OKA website and target the people you are looking for directly.

Kinesiologists in Ontario are regulated health professionals in Ontario with the majority being Professional Members of the Ontario Kinesiology Association, the professional association representing and advocating for the advancement of the profession.

Placing a career ad is quick and simple, just complete the following form to submit your opportunity which will be viewed by over 1500 members of the association.

Career postings can only be viewed by members of the association, as an employer you know that your position is only being viewed by licensed individuals who have the necessary skill set to fill the position.

Careers are posted for 30 days or until the resume submission deadline (whichever is sooner) before being removed.


The cost for a 30 day posting is $300.00 + HST ($339.00)

Submit Your Career Opportunity

Complete the form below to submit your career opportunity. Please remember to include the contact or resume submission information in the career listing. 

Please note that career opportunities will not be posted until payment is made.

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