Branches of K.E.E.N.


Evidence-based practice is essential to provide the highest quality of health care. Check out the Evidence branch of KEEN to find the latest research and best practice guidelines. The Evidence branch of KEEN also includes access to assessment tools, resources and video demonstrations to help you keep up to date in your practice.


In the dynamic and fast-paced world of Kinesiology, as we scientists continue to unlock details about human movement and exercise, it is essential to stay engaged and up-to-date. Check out the Engagement branch of KEEN to access recent webinars and mentoring moments videos discussing the most recent and pressing trends in Kinesiology research and practice. The Engagement branch of KEEN also includes details about the annual OKA Professional Development Summit and other educational opportunities that are available.


Are you a front-line kinesiologist or researcher and want to get involved in KEEN? Visit the Network branch of KEEN to learn more about how KEEN works to facilitate collaboration, research and knowledge translation and exchange. The Network branch of KEEN also includes details about the KEEN steering committee, KEEN governance and the KEEN researcher directory.

About K.E.E.N.

OKA launched the Kinesiology Evidence and Engagement Network (KEEN) in 2019 as a living laboratory, also known as a practice-based research network, to serve as a hub to support collaboration between front-line Kinesiologists and academic researchers. Working in collaboration, front-line Kinesiologists and researchers can uncover which treatments and interventions are working, which work better than others, and which new treatment strategies might further enhance the prevention, management or performance related goals of patients and clients seeking Kinesiology services.


KEEN continues to pursue its vision to be:

the go-to hub for practice-based evidence generation, translation and exchange in Kinesiology.


  • To grow a network promoting collaboration and knowledge exchange between Registered Kinesiologists, Academic Researchers and students, insurance providers, government stakeholders, and other regulated health professionals providing preventative and primary care to Ontarians.
  • To use the network as a mechanism to generate and share new knowledge and evidence to:
    • Enhance the integration/utilization of practicing Kins within the health delivery system
    • Describe the efficacy and cost-effectiveness of Kin delivered programming
    • Promote continuous quality improvement among Kins
    • Improve and sustaining the health of Ontarians

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