Exercise First, Exercise Works

Do Ontario’s leaders put Exercise First? Tell them it’s time.

Ontario faces three major medical crises: Mental health, opioids and chronic conditions. All of these epidemics can be mitigated through preventative care incorporating exercise into the health system. It has never been more clear: Ontario’s health care system must treat exercise as a first-line treatment.

Exercise Works encourages Ontario’s healthcare leaders to support exercise as a first line of treatment in primary care and throughout the health care system. It’s about integrating Kinesiologists into primary care teams, diabetes education teams, mental health programming and chronic pain and other settings where exercise can and should be incorporated. And it’s about supporting policies which promote the power of exercise to prevent and manage over 25 chronic conditions, with the help of Ontario’s regulated exercise professionals: Registered Kinesiologists.

Does your doctor make referrals to a Kinesiologist?
Has your family physician talked to you about exercise?
Are Kinesiologists part of your health care team?
Does your gym hire Registered Kinesiologists?
Does your MPP support exercise as a first line of care?
Does your Extended health Benefit Plan include coverage for Kinesiology?

Tell them it’s time.

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